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This website is an awesome way to communicate.

Here, you and I meet without artifice or hidden agendas. Here, members of the tribe will recognize one another.

Here, you will find my art and, by implication, the art of living—for art and every day existence are inseparable to the true artist. And what is a true artist? It’s simple. It’s finding the genuine article. And how can you tell the genuine from the most lustrous imitation? Invest however much time it takes to get to know the difference—also known as experience. Truth, with deference to Buddha, is the absence of illusion. The true artist has no illusions about the nature and value of his work.

As with culture, discovering the true artist is a thing you must acquire and feel for your self. You will find perceptions and insights repeatedly sprinkled throughout this site. I, as gardener Eden, do this is on purpose. Consider repeating themes as helpful nutrients in the form of signposts along the circuitous road toward organic growth and understanding that bears the fruit of winning, not whining.

In my images and writing, you will find the things that I have discovered to be universally true from firsthand experience in the trenches of life—on many fronts and from the source called intuition. Take nothing at face value. Challenge doctrine. Question authority. A good question is as rare as a good answer. Find out things of value for your self. You must prepare your self to find your own unique voice. Put what you encounter here to the test. Demand it of your self. I encourage it.

Remember, we create our lives by framing our perceptions.

This site is for artists, for art lovers, and for anyone who senses there is some thing worthwhile here—even if that elusive some thing isn’t yet quite clear. A soufflé takes time and careful handling. Things need to evolve, so have relative patience.

Cream eventually rises to the top because it is rich. Cream will also get lost, diluted, and homogenized with lots of stirring and agitation. You must be still for the cream in you to surface.

And remember what James Beard said about soufflés: “The only thing that will make a soufflé fall is if it knows you are afraid of it.”

Enjoy the website and contribute. Get on stage with both feet, participate with passion, and have a sense of humor—most especially about your self.»

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